What are ChickyChaps?

ChickyChaps are stretch-mesh thigh bands/demi-shorts, that prevent inner thigh chafing. They clip onto your own panties with strong, small, Snap-On clips – that are similar to suspender clips for stockings. - And they really stay put!


Chickychaps have a special shape that allows them to sit right up against the groin/crotch-line of your panties & really cover the part of the inner-thigh that chafes the most when walking. They only cover what’s necessary… The inner thighs, allowing the rest of your lower half to breathe!



ChickyChaps are made of a fabric that’s very similar to sheer, firm pantyhose-fabric. It’s a cool, breathable, smooth & stretchy-yet-strong fine mesh fabric - (10% spandex, 90% Nylon)

no thigh chafe bands

Sexy You!

With stretch lace & tiny bows at the hem of each leg-band & over each clip, ChickyChaps have that classic sexy look of - stockings & suspenders. So if they peek out from under a shorter skirt when sitting, for instance - a glimpse of thigh & lace is exposed! - Now that’s flirty, sexy & functional!

About :: ChickyChaps

Hi, I’m Becky, the inventor of ChickyChaps. I created ChickyChaps to solve this problem many women silently endure known as “chub rub”

After moving with my husband from Australia to Bangkok, I discovered that in hot tropical Thailand I could barely walk outdoors at all – if I wore a dress or skirt. Why?…

Because my thighs would not glide smoothly past each other whilst walking! – The hot weather made them clammy, & they’d stick together & chafe making it painful to walk.

I tried wearing light bike-shorts under my dresses, but this made my butt, along with the rest of me, extremely overheated & sweaty.

I bought stay-up thigh-bands – but the silicone-rubber kept tugging against my skin, creating a red itchy rash.

So I resigned myself to wearing shorts constantly, and left my pretty dresses & skirts unused in my wardrobe.

Finally, I used my fashion-design skills to create a light breathable type of demi-panty that let my thighs glide properly – & at last, I solved the problem!

And what a relief! I could wear skirts & dresses again without pain. – As a bonus, my hubby thinks these little suspender-like thigh bands look super sexy!

A year after keeping my invention to myself… I sent my girlfriends a few pairs, for testing & product development. I refined the product even further… & ChickyChaps were born!

If you suffer from inner-thigh chafing like me… grab a pair of ChickyChaps. Available right here on this website  AND for sale on Amazon USA FBA (CA and MX).  

Many more colours & styles will be added – so stay tuned!

ChickyChaps really work to stop thigh-chafing, + they look sexy & are comfortable! Once you’ve tried ChickyChaps you won’t want to spend another summer without them!

What customers say



Duluth, MN, USA

This is an amazing product.
This is high comfortable, it is not visible on pencil skirts, feels good and prevents 100% inner-thigh chafing
And as a plus, it looks quite sexy.
Highly recommended.



Bakersfield, CA, USA

These are comfortable, soft, and sexy. I like them very much.



Bonita Springs, FL, USA

Finally! A great solution to summer thigh rub! These are great!!

That Math Chick

That Math Chick

Worth every penny

I was skeptical to buy these because on top of only having one rating, they’re $38. However since I had a baby my already thick thighs have gotten me bit thicker and I now have that obnoxious chub rub. I don’t wear mini skirts but found that when I wear slip shorts they tend to show when I sit down. So I decided to give these a shot and I’m now a believer! They stay put and don’t ride up or roll up at all. I also don’t get that irritating chaft. It feels like I’m not wearing anything. Bonus is since they’re attached to your underwear you don’t have to do anything special when using the restroom. They just slide down with your panties and slide back up.




I bought this so I could comfortably walk around the state fair in a dress. Not only did these look great, feel great, but they didnt roll up. They lasted well and ive seen no fraying on them, and we did lot of walking so they were put to the test. I recommend these 100%



Perfect thigh chafe solution!

These are great!! Needed something to stop that dreaded thigh chafe in the hot, humid Florida summer. These do the trick! Added bonus, my bf thinks they're sexy lingerie ;)


Our range is always expanding in new colours and designs

ChickyChaps Classy-Classics – Skin-Tone

Sexy Suspender-Style Thigh Bands


ChickyChaps Classy-Classics – Lemonade

Sexy Suspender-Style Thigh Bands


ChickyChaps Classy-Classics – Aqua-Bliss

Sexy Suspender-Style Thigh Bands


ChickyChaps Classy-Classics – Black/Pink

Sexy Suspender-Style Thigh Bands



What is happening @ Chickychaps?

A curvy gals secret weapon revealed, for year-long chafe-free thighs.

For some of us with thighs that touch a little, the cold weather can bring welcome relief from summer chub rub. Not so if you’ve got bigger thighs and you happen to be a “sweaty girl” or if you have sensitive, irritation prone inner thigh skin. If you layer up in toasty warm clothes only to then suffer from sweaty crotch, swamp butt and thermostat wars in the workplace. Or if you are a buxom thighed exercise enthusiast and burn hot like a furnace all year long!

meet the people behind ChickyChaps
Rebecca Rodd

Rebecca Rodd


The creator of ChickChaps, Rebecca loves all things fashion and is very passionate about solving thigh chafing issues for ladies

Justin profile

Justin Conte

I.T. Guy

Justin is responsible for managing the IT operations of ChickyChaps.

Brent Profile

Brent Rodd

Australian Distribution

Brent runs ChickyChaps distribution for the Australian market



Lead Procrastinator

Diamond does all the sleeping for us! Keeping us motivated with her funny ways.

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