A curvy gals secret weapon revealed, for year-long chafe-free thighs.

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A curvy gal's secret weapon revealed, for year-long chafe-free thighs.

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Hi there, curvy thighed women of the world and anyone curious about thigh chafing.

Winter is approaching in the northern hemisphere, including the USA. Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere, for e.g. Australia, hot summer temperatures have already begun. I’m living in Bangkok, Thailand at the moment where it is always hot and humid.

For some of us with thighs that touch a little, the cold weather can bring welcome relief from summer chub rub.

Not so if you’ve got bigger thighs and you happen to be a “sweaty girl” or if you have sensitive, irritation prone inner thigh skin. If you layer up in toasty warm clothes only to then suffer from sweaty crotch, swamp butt and thermostat wars in the workplace. Or if you are a buxom thighed exercise enthusiast and burn hot like a furnace all year long!

These factors amazingly can bring on thigh chafing even in winter!

So, what’s a curvy girl to do if thigh chafing is still an issue in winter?

You could move to a place with a perfect temperate climate and perfect humidity levels, every time the seasons change. Or you could simply wear ChickyChaps under cotton dresses in summer and then wear ChickyChaps under warm skirts with socks and cute boots in winter!

Winter Skin Blues

Winter can be a miserable time of year, especially if (like me) you suffer from dry itchy winter skin, also known as “winter rash”.

The low humidity, the indoor heating and dry air, those hot baths and showers causing eczema, hives and cracked skin! Plus, wearing so many layers of clothing can feel suffocating, sweaty and itchy! HINT: it’s a kind of heat rash going on under the layers.

And if you also happen to have “mermaid thighs” (something I have talked about in depth in a previous blog )

These winter blues can also include shredded skinny jeans where the thighs rub together leading to scratchy seams. And tights that have worn away between the thighs transforming the balled-up area into something akin to wire mesh! With sensitive thigh skin and a bit of walking suddenly the dreaded thigh chafing is happening again.

Sensitive Skin

Skin allergies and hives are something that come and go for many people all year round (including me) – During one particularly cold winter in Australia I got an attack of hives. This was the most eye wateringly itchy rash on my thighs and buttocks that I’ve ever experienced!

The unbearable itching was caused by a latex allergy from a pair of cheap skinny jeans that had latex woven into the denim. I stopped wearing the jeans, but the rash wouldn’t subside! (I admit I scratched the entire area until it bled – which did temporarily relieve the itch)

Ultimately, I had to see a dermatologist and discovered the wonders of strong antihistamines (which I keep handy at all times now).

Latex allergies are very common

Fortunately, ChickyChaps fabric gets its stretch from a little spandex NOT LATEX – and spandex allergy is mercifully rare for most people.

So much clothing, sweat attacks and a solution

If wearing so many layers of clothing is causing you to overheat when you get indoors from the cold and you’re worried about leaving crotch sweat marks on chairs at work or on the seats on public transport, realize it happens to all of us sometimes. This article humorously sums it up (about awkward sweaty situations).

Try avoiding pants, and instead wear ChickyChaps under warm knee length (or long skirts) and dresses, with boots and warm socks. This is so comfortable!

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Doing this will allow your butt, crotch and thighs to breathe and allow air to circulate around this part of the body, which by default, is a naturally humid area for everyone. Your dewy thighs will be protected from skin on skin rubbing as well! Problem solved winter can be joyful again.

As a bonus boots and skirts look so much more stylish than full length frumpy tights and pantyhose that tend to make skirts cling and bunch up on hips like they’re made of Velcro, and don’t get me started on the uncomfortable “drop crotch” issues.

Plus-size fashion blogger Gabi Gregg (on her blog Gabifresh) in partnership with Asos Curve clothing, demonstrates how to make boots with skirts and dresses look amazing!

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Fasion trends for winter and chickychaps
Rocking the ChickyChaps

Bare legs in winter might work for you if you dress like this, give it a try with a pair of chickychaps underneath:

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what to do for chafing
what is chub rub

There’s an ever ongoing debate about bare legs versus tights in winter. Check out the opinions of those who are for and against bare legs under warm skirts/dresses in winter, in the articles below:

In defence of bare legs even in winter

I went bare legged all winter

Tights Vs bare legs in winter

Summer Holidays and chub rub

Perhaps this festive season you are going on holidays to a destination with a warm climate. And you’re looking forward to those balmy days and nights in paradise as you stroll through outdoor festivals, fairs or markets wearing your favourite kaftan, maxi dress, pencil skirt etc.

Well that dreamy scene is more likely to go as planned with good preparation!

I’ve imagined that scene weeks before my vacays but had it all ruined because I didn’t plan properly. I bought new shoes (open wedged sandals) with cute leather flowers on them that matched my dress and awesome sunglasses and packed my favourite skirts and dresses. But when I got to my holiday destination, I limped around hobbling in pain due to blistering sliced up feet from my new shoes and an unexpected burning rash on my inner thighs that made enjoying my vacation nearly impossible! (Again, at this stage I had not invented ChickyChaps)

Outside an ice cream shop, my husband took photos of me and I forgot to lower my sunglasses onto my face – the result was terrible pictures of me squinting into the camera with a pained expression and an awkward pose as I tried to stand with my inner thighs further apart while my sliced-up feet and chafed inner thighs stung and burned.

The reality of that holiday didn’t match my dream – on that occasion.

But I learned from that, and many other botched summer holidays!

If you are a curvy gal – like me – with buxom inner thighs don’t go on that summer holiday with untested new shoes, accessories or clothes. Please test outfits weeks in advance if you can! AND DON’T FORGET TO TAKE A PAIR OF CHICKYCHAPS!!

ChickyChaps wedding solution for thigh chafe

ChickyChaps are purpose built to eradicate thigh chafing and sweaty butt. They provide a silky barrier to protect your delicate thigh skin and they don’t cover the butt, only the thighs.

They clip onto your own panties with small, flexible, strong, Snap-On clips – that are similar to suspender clips for stockings. Be sure to wear panties with a SNUG FIT and ChickyChaps will really stay put – all day, until you take them off!

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So, where can you get ChickyChaps?

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