problem and solution to thigh chafing

This sexy new solution to thigh-chafing, will make you love wearing summer dresses again! And stop chub-rub for good!

I know what you went through last summer!

I went through it too! 

The searing burning pain of thigh chafing, when you have curvy inner thighs and dare to venture outside in hot weather wearing a dress!

I wish there was a more flattering name for this type of chafing, but the words “chub rub” do describe the problem in a succinct if not amusing way.

Here then is my experience of “chub rub”…

winter summer chickychaps feature image

A curvy gals secret weapon revealed, for year-long chafe-free thighs.

For some of us with thighs that touch a little, the cold weather can bring welcome relief from summer chub rub.
Not so if you’ve got bigger thighs and you happen to be a “sweaty girl” or if you have sensitive, irritation prone inner thigh skin. If you layer up in toasty warm clothes only to then suffer from sweaty crotch, swamp butt and thermostat wars in the workplace. Or if you are a buxom thighed exercise enthusiast and burn hot like a furnace all year long!