Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do the clips look like, and how do they attach to your panties? 

Take a look at the closeup images below to see the snap-on clips and how they attach (and also check out the video above).

Q. How do I find my size?

Measure around the widest part of your upper thighs, then use the size chart below.
Note: ChickyChaps are stretchy so if you’re between sizes, choose a size down. Also, ChickyChaps will become a tiny bit looser after several months of wearing them. You’ll get longer wear from them if they are a fraction too tight to begin with, than if they are a little too loose.How to choose ChickyChaps sizing chart. Say goodbye to thigh Chafing

Q. How long are the leg bands? I’m short and wonder if they will be too long and visible?

See the chart below for leg-length measurements, when the garment is lying flat (from crotch to hem). Note: The fabric has a lot of stretch, especially down the length, and just like pantyhose, ChickyChaps can stretch to be a little longer or shorter as needed.Chickchaps measurements for various sizes. Choose anti thigh chafing bands

Q. What styles of underwear do ChickyChaps work with? Do they work with thongs?

ChickyChaps work best with the following styles of cotton or spandex panties:

• Classic Briefs
• High Cut Briefs
• Control Briefs
• Hipster Briefs
• Bikini Briefs
• Brazilian Briefs
• High waist panties of similar styles as above & Bodysuits

These panties should be made of cotton or spandex fabric (or a blend) – because the clips on our ChickyChaps attach easily to these types of stretch underwear fabrics.
Also, the panties should fit snugly on the body and not be too loose. Because ChickyChaps rely on your panties to stay up!

Panties made entirely of stretch lace are LESS desirable because most stretch lace is a weaker fabric (than cotton or spandex) and the ChickyChaps may pull down too much when clipped onto soft stretchy lace, but if the lace is very strong & firm, there shouldn’t be any problem.
WITH THONGS; Some of our customers have told us that their ChickyChaps work well with a thong that has a wide waistband at the back.

Although ChickyChaps are not designed to be worn with a g-string, they will work with a thong that has a waistband – that’s at least 1 ½ -2 inches wide (at the back).

NOTE: ChickyChaps are NOT designed to work with boy-shorts. They are too low-cut and will cause ChickyChaps to slide down.

Q. I’m wondering if these work with short shorts?

ChickyChaps MAY NOT work with short shorts, if they are similar in length to boyshorts, because the leg holes may be TOO LOW CUT to hold ChickyChaps up properly.
However, ChickyChaps could be worn UNDER short shorts, with the lace peeking out.

Q. Are ChickyChaps pool safe?

ChickyChaps will clip onto a one-piece swimsuit or bikini bottom (as long as the style corresponds to the same styles as our panties-style-chart above). And yes, they are pool-safe, as they’re made of the same fabric that’s used for sheer swimming sarongs. NOTE: If you swim in ChickyChaps in a chlorine pool, treat them just like swimmers… the chlorine should be rinsed out with tap water & line dried (by the end of the same day) to prolong the life of your ChickyChaps.

Q. How well does your product prevent thigh chafing & how long does the product last?

If you wear a pair of ChickyChaps with snug fitting panties, before going out walking on a hot summer day, your inner thighs will not get any chafing for the entire day, as they’ll be protected from the friction by the soft stretch mesh. And ChickyChaps will last for at least 6 months with daily use, before they wear out.

Q. Do ChickyChaps make a loud swooshing noise as you walk?

No, ChickyChaps don’t make any audible friction noises. Fortunately, The fabric (which is similar to pantyhose fabric) is far too soft & lightweight to do that.

Q. How easy is it to go to the bathroom, is there an opening? How do I use the bathroom with this product?

ChickyChaps will slide down with your panties, there’s no need for a special opening. It’s super-easy to go to the bathroom when wearing ChickyChaps, because they clip onto your own underpants, so when you pull down your panties to use the bathroom, ChickyChaps come down with them, and pull back up into position (with a little adjusting) when you pull your panties back up!

Q. Will these show if I wear them under a form-fitting dress?

(The following are 2 answers from customers who’ve worn ChickyChaps)

A1. The part that clasps onto your panties might be a little noticeable if the dress is tight in that area, but the rest of the fabric is so thin that I highly doubt anyone would see them.

A2. Yes. I’ve worn form fitting skirts and they show through. It looks a bit sexy, but it’s still there. But if you have patterns on said dress, it can meld together. Dark floral print skirt you couldn’t really see it but, solid black skirt, you could see it.

ChickyChaps invites you to send us questions, comments, ideas and suggestions as we grow the product.

We welcome every customer’s input to work with us to shape the future of eliminating chub-rub and thigh-chafing.