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Classy-Classics – Skin-Tone

USD $38.00

Sexy Suspender-Style Thigh Bands

Anti thigh chafing demi shorts-bands that prevent chub rub, aka inner thigh chafing.


Introducing the ultimate in anti thigh chafing lingerie!

ChickyChaps Classy-Classics, are sexy mesh & lace thigh-bands that eliminate the friction between full inner thighs when walking. Step into a pair & clip them onto your panties before heading outside on a warm summer day. Your inner thighs will thank you!

Why you need them:
These sheer mesh demi-shorts prevent skin on skin rubbing, via seam-free & lightweight, cool & breathable stretch-mesh, that completely covers the inner thighs – right up to the crotch-line, where the most friction, when walking, occurs. This allows your thighs to smoothly glide past each other, without pain or chafing.

ChickyChaps snap securely onto your panties with Strong flexible Clips, and comfortably stay-put, until you remove them.

  • See FAQ for how the clips attach.
  • There’s no silicon rubber clinging to your skin, no slipping and no rolling down.
  • Material: Breathable Stretch mesh & Lace – (90% Nylon, 10% Spandex)
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, and line dry. Do not bleach. Do Not tumble dry. Do not iron or Dry Clean.

Find your size: (It is VERY important that you measure your thighs!)

Step 1: Use a flexible tape measure, and while standing, measure around the widest part of your thighs.
Step 2: Choose the size which matches your measurements.

Size chart:

M = 22 – 25 Inches (56 – 63.5cm)

L = 25 – 28 Inches (63.5 – 71cm)

XL = 28 – 31 Inches (71 – 79cm)

XXL = 31 – 34 Inches (79– 86cm)

If your measurements are between sizes, choose a size down! ChickyChaps are very stretchy.

Say goodbye to chub rub with ChickyChaps! 🙂

*Please note that due to the nature of this product, returns cannot be accepted if you have worn the product.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 1 cm



2XL, Extra Large, Large, Medium


Skin Tone